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Travel and Information Security

In a knowledge economy like ours, what is in the heads of your executives and other employees and what they carry with them in the form of electronic media may be the most valuable assets of your company.

When they travel these assets are as much at risk as the personnel. Your company has a legal duty to protect your personnel and a proprietary interest in protecting the knowledge they carry with them in any form. Alphom can help you do both.

It does not matter today where your personnel are going or what mode of travel they are using, there are very real risks everywhere. We have extensive experience in protecting companies and their personnel in assignments requiring travel.

Alphom has done tailored briefings to companies for personnel who travel generally or to specific countries or regions of the world. We will also do specific and tailored pre-trip advance work to ensure security for the highest-ranking executives.


For about two years we did specialized briefings for the staff of a U.S. cabinet officer and helped that department set up its own internal briefing program.

Whether it is one employee or one hundred who travel, we can help your company carry out its duty-to-protect responsibilities and help your personnel travel safely.